Digital Printing…Back to Basics

What exactly is digital printing? For marketers who are new to the business or if you just want a refresher, then this is for you.

Believe it or not, digital printing has been around for about 27 years and was first created in 1991.

Digital printing is the process of printing digital-based images directly onto a variety of media substrates. There is no need for a printing plate, unlike with offset printing. This means you can send a proofed image straight to print immediately, and slight changes or variations between printing runs are easy.

Large format means that our printers can accommodate jobs larger than 18″ across.

The advantages of using digital printing are that:

1) FAST TURNAROUND TIME- Digital printing is faster and requires less prep than traditional printing

2) SUBSTRATE VARIETY- ink generally adheres to the surface of the substrate instead of relying on being absorbed. This means that digital printing works on porous and non-porous surfaces alike.

3) ECO-FRIENDLY- generally less wasteful because it uses much less paper and uses fewer toxic chemicals than traditional printing.

4) CUSTOMIZABLE- works from changeable files instead of master plates which means that you can run multiple designs at the same time.

5) TRUE-TO-PROOF: The proof image is the printing template. What you see is what you get.

Even though digital printing has been around for years the digital market is still in its infancy with only 5% of the world’s total printing is done digitally.

With the global digital packaging print market being worth US$17 billion in 2018, you can see that there are still great opportunities ahead.

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