Dacen CNC Cutters

Dacen's CNC cutting equipment is perfect for branding, design and manufacturing. With its precise CCD positioning function, these cutters allow easy positioning no matter the material you cut maximising your production efficiently and lowering labour costs. Versatile enough to cut soft materials like self-adhesive vinyls & textiles as well as hard substrates such as acrylic, wood or aluminium.


Tool Groups can be created for a job with tools being switched out as the job progresses. This allows for a diverse and productive job queue that doesn't require complicated planning or delays. Heads can be swapped out to suit the tool type needed so you are always using the right tool for the job at the right time. Depth of cuts can also be set to automatic so you don't have to waste time testing cuts.  

DCMTC09 (2513 / 2516)

CNC Cutter / Router Specifications

Effective Cut Area2500 x 1300mm2500 x 1600mm1600 x 3200mm2000 x 3200mm
Multi-functional HeadMulti-function head that can be freely replaced with different tool heads, including routing, vibration cutting, creasing & drawing. CCD industrial cameras are used to ensure accurate positioning with a low repeat offset.
Operation PropertiesWorks with a computer synchronously for quick data transmission allowing multi-page files to be sent at one time
Cutting Speed300 - 1600mm/s (Depending on material)
Cutting Depths≤50MM (Depending on material)
Recommended MaterialsAll kinds of pictorial cloth, mesh cloth, flags, self-adhesive vinyl, papers, corrugated cardboard, PVC, honeycomb board, PVC foam board, acrylics, plastics, KT board, aluminum composites, rubber sheets, polystyrene, knitted fabric, woven fabric, wood and much more.
Available Tools*See Section Below, "Dacen Tool Options"
Fixing MethodVacuum System
Feeding MethodAutomatic feeding crawler (unlimited length cutting)
Command ModeHPGL Compatible
Operating SystemWindows 10
Data InterfaceLAN Ethernet Port (RJ45)
File FormatsCAD, DXF, EPS, AI, CDR, PDF
Display Panel7" Colour Touch Screen
Driving SystemServo motor, high precision linear guide, precision ball screw
Safety FeaturesSafe and Reliable Infrared Sensor
PowerRatingAC 220V/380V ±10% 50HZ
Pump Power7.5kW
Total Fixed Power9.5kW
Working EnvironmentTemp:0℃ ~ 35℃ Humidity:35% ~ 80%

Dacen Tool Options

With a wide variety of tools and bits available, you can always be confident that your Dacen CNC Cutter has you covered. Below is just a handful of the options of tools to choose from, allowing you to cut anything from aluminium, leather, cardboard, PVC, textiles, vinyls, acrylics, wood and much much more allowing you to meet all your production demands.

High-Speed Oscillating Tool


Motor is imported from Switzerland and uses the principle of high-frequency vibration to cut through material.

Uses:   ≤5mm PVC, KT board and other medium density materials.

Able to use 45°, 26°, 16° and other angles of cutting blades.

Universal Cutting Tool


Cuts through most soft materials below 5mm thickness

Uses:   ≤5mm PVC, Textiles, Coils and other soft flexible medias.

Able to use all angles of cutting blades.

Kiss Cut Tool


Automatically adjusting tool that changes depth in order to only cut through the upper half of materials at no risk to the lower sections.

Uses:   Self-Adhesive Vinyls with Backing Paper

Able to use standard cutting blades intended for vinyls.

V-Cut Tool


Cut through moderately hard materials with ease.

Uses:   Corrugated Board, Honeycombed Panels, ABS.

Able to use 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30° & 45°. Allows adjusting of blade grooves to meet requirements.

Creasing Wheel Tool


Creasing wheel for any thickness of material that can be creased.

Uses:   Cardboard, Corrugated PVC, Honeycomb Board

Wheel can be used for any creasing application.

Foam Cut Tool


High-frequency vibration motor geared towards soft foam materials.

Uses:   Cardboard & Cartons, Foam Board and other soft substrates

Able to use 45°, 26°, 16° and other angles of cutting blades.

Milling Tool


High-speed, water-cooled motor that allows the milling / routing of hard materials.

Uses:   ≤20mm Acrylic, Aluminium, MDF and other hard materials

Wide range of routing bits depending on material requirements.

Driving Rotary Tool


Utilising high-speed rotations, this tool can cut through fabric materials with ease.

Uses:   Tarpaulin, Banner cloth, non-woven fabrics and all other flexible media.

Cutting Wheels as per material requirements.

Greater Driving Rotary Tool


Utilising high-speed rotations, this tool achieves faster speeds than the Driving Rotary Tool.

Uses:   Tarpaulin, Banner cloth, non-woven fabrics and all other flexible media.

Cutting Wheels as per material requirements.

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